Business Consulting

Adding Value to the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Link (SCL)

We are a Consulting & Engineering firm providing services and solutions throughout the Supply Chain. 

Either on site, or remotely, or both, we work side by side with clients to understand their business needs and goals.  We then collaborate to identify opportunities for improvement, jointly develop action plans, implement solutions and/or provide professional services to sustain & support the achievement of their business targets.

Our Services

Consulting & Engineering

Supply Chain Services & Solutions

Training & Development


Helping our clients define their Supply Chain strategy to support the achievement of business goals

Design & Engineering

End to End solutions that aim to optimize the entire Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

We work together with our clients and our business partners to develop innovative solutions that add value to our clients' business


We support our clients during the implementation of the designed solutions, coordinating all activities with Project Management methodologies and tools

Performance Management

Development of Visual Management systems to monitor operational and business key performance indicators

Continuous Improvement

Training & Development of our clients' teams in problem solving and other Lean / Continuous Improvement methodologies and tools

Our Approach

Every customer is unique. Every Project is different.

But what remains constant is the methodology that we follow to understand, collaborate and deliver.  Based on your needs and requirements, we will define the scope of services to be provided and develop its corresponding roadmap.

We are here to support you along the way, understanding where you are today, how you run your business, who you serve, and to help you identify how to transform your business model to take you where you want to be.  

We strive to become your business partner of choice for consulting and professional services.  We would like to share our skills and expertise with your internal teams and provide them with the knowledge, methodologies and tools they need to plan and execute projects and achieve their individual and company goals.